The pace of handball development is linked to educational activities, based on scientific findings. Education is led by the EHF Competence Academy & Network (CAN), which initiates and supervises education across all fields of the sport – including coaching, refereeing, management, and disciplines including beach, wheelchair, grassroots, mini, school and basic handball.

The EHF CAN is complemented and supported by the EHF Expert Group, which comprises a group of experts from inside and outside the world of handball. They help spread technical and scientific information and know-how to coaches, referees, delegates, players and managers across Europe through EHF seminars, workshops and working groups.

EHF Experts have:

  • competence of the highest level in their field of expertise
  • experience as a player, referee, delegate, coach, teacher, author of educational material or sport scientist;
  • the necessary skills to share and present their knowledge to the audience in a clear and professional way that is easy to understand and adequate for the target group;
  • experience as a lecturer in their field of expertise;
  • and are ready and open to further education



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