Senior Handball

Senior handball is stage 5 of the circle of a handball life, aimed at those aged between 22 and 44 years. This is where players are encouraged to “be exceptional!” and it includes all those playing at the top clubs or on international level but also those playing for fun and the love for the sport.

Players by this stage should have strong handball skills and there is a clear specialisation and differentiation for those playing beach handball, which has different rules and ways of playing to the indoor version of the game.

It is important for senior handball players to have a trusted support network and to pursue excellence.

This is supported by physical and technical training at a top level. Endurance and strength training should be individually adapted to the player, and speed training should be incorporated into technical and tactical sessions. It is vital to continue an individually tailored and well-timed mobility programme, with isolated mobility incorporated into both warm-ups and cool-downs.

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