Circle of a handball life

The circle of a handball life is a pathway for players, taking them through the game from childhood to old age, encouraging them to keep playing and enjoying handball throughout their lives.

The circle begins at the age of three with stage 0, incorporating fun and curiosity; it ends with the over-65s at stage 7, when the challenge of physical activity, health and lifestyle are key.

Each stage uses a different version of handball, capitalising on the sport’s essential simplicity.

The circle of a handball life was unveiled at the EHF Conference of Presidents in September 2022 and will be supported by manuals, handbooks and brochures to be published in late 2022 and the following years.

It will also be supported by the EHF’s education system, which may in future be enhanced to bring it more closely into line with the circle of life concept.

However, it must be said, that the given age categories are an orientation and the skills and stages of development are depending on gender, individual competencies and physical development.

Circle of a handball life

Circle HB Life Manual 1.6 MB

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