A handball coach leads the team on court during a match, and also leads their preparation and training. They direct strategy and pick the players who will feature during the game.

The EHF RINCK Convention sets out the pathway to become a coach. Would-be coaches begin with national coaching courses, and those who wish to coach at the very top senior level can complete their education with the EHF Master Coach Course.

If you want to become a coach or make the next step as a coach, you can find a description of the coaching pathway below.

Level 1: at domestic level, coaches begin with the basic principles of how to coach handball. This level is aimed at those who will coach youth teams.

Level 2: coaches of junior teams should seek to obtain level 2 certification within their country to enhance the knowledge and skills gained at level 1.

Level 3: this level is necessary to coach at European club level, below the EHF Champions League and the EHF EURO. It gives coaches the knowledge required to coach senior teams.

Level 4: the Master Coach course can be taken with the EHF or the national federation, and equips coaches to coach EHF Champions League and the top national sides.

Education for Level 1 to 3 is offered by the National Federations. Level 4, the EHF Master Coach Education, can either be done with the National Federations as well or with the EHF in its EHF Master Coach Course.


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