Handball Glossary

The EHF Glossary of Handball Terms and Expressions has been produced by the EHF Sport & Game Services Department and is intended as a reference guide for all those working in the technical area of the game. It is intended to complement the EHF Style Guide.

The aim of the glossary is to provide a common approach to the use of technical terms across different publications, reports and platforms. The EHF uses British English as a standard for its written communications and the Oxford English Dictionary as a reference.

This glossary is intended to be a ‘live’ document. The EHF actively welcomes new suggestions or additions as well as challenges to the use of terminology. The use of the English language is continually evolving, as is the game itself, therefore it is planned to update the glossary on a regular basis. If you have an input, proposal or suggestion, send an email to monteiro@eurohandball.com for consideration.

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