EHF 360° Project

In cooperation with its stakeholders, the EHF created goals and objectives for the further development of handball in Europe and established a strategic plan, the EHF Master Plan 2020-2027, covering seven areas: the game, grassroots growth, highlight events, fan appeal, strengthening network, good governance, and commercial success. 

The EHF is encouraging and supporting member federations to develop both their own organisation and the sport of handball in their country. The federations can, based on a strategic long-term development plan presented to the EHF, create projects and initiatives for their sustainable development and growth and apply for tailor-made EHF Master Plan 360° support. For commonly agreed projects and initiatives, targets and key performance indicators need to be set and budget allocated.

Federations’ development plans must be oriented towards middle to long-term strategies, but these should be structured with smaller steps that align with development priorities.

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