Basic Handball

Basic handball continues the skill-learning process begun with mini handball. Aimed at children between the ages of 10 and 13, basic handball’s slogan is “be smart!”

This is a key skill learning stage for children and all the basic sports skills should be learned before puberty. Basic handball continues building the foundations of speed, strength, endurance and coordination but at a more advanced level than mini handball; it also introduces basic mobility work and injury prevention.

Mini handball includes more of the fundamental handball skills and starts children on the pathway to developing technical and tactical knowledge.

However, basic handball should continue to be mostly about having fun and making friends, and as such it still uses the simple forms of the sport – Goalcha and handball-at-school – which were introduced at the previous stage, mini handball. In competition, scores only count for under-12 and under-13 age groups, and all players shall have an equal amount of playing time.

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