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36 nations represented at RINCK convention seminar

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42 people from 36 nations gathered in Vienna on 23/24 March for the RINCK convention seminar.

The interactive seminar focused on the future of coaching education and saw an active exchange between the people responsible for coaching education in a range of European federations.

"Taking part in a RINCK convention seminar for the first time, I was very curious to see how it would unfold.

“I am very satisfied with the organisation and format of the workshop, with interesting tasks and plenty of exchange between the participants. The willingness of all participants to open up, share and learn from each other, not hiding anything from rival nations, was a highlight for me,” said Philipp Wagner from the Austrian Handball Federation.

The aim of this two-day seminar was to shape the relaunch of the EHF RINCK convention, which is planned for 2024.

Since its launch in 2000, the convention is aimed at coordinating and mutually recognising standard guidelines and certificates for coaches’ education. It was named after the first Methods Commission chairman Claude Rinck.

The convention creates standard guidelines for coaches’ education in Europe while preserving and safeguarding the regional and national characteristics of coaches’ education. It allows for federations to share documents and development tools, enabling them to adapt their domestic coach education programmes in line with international standards.

“The RINCK Convention Seminar 2023 met my expectations in terms of up-to-date requirements of the coach education process. The workshops and discussion highlighted current problems in terms of coaching education within every nation involved. It was an invaluable opportunity to share solutions and knowledge based on actual experience.

“I believe that this kind of opportunity to discuss matters concerning the coaching education system will strongly, widely and positively impact the quality of coaches in the upcoming years,” said Marcin Smolarczyk from the Polish Handball Federation.

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