SUMMARY: Barça joined by Kielce, Magdeburg, PSG at EHF FINAL4

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All participants in the TruckScout24 EHF FINAL4 2023 have been confirmed with the conclusion of the Machineseeker EHF Champions League quarter-finals on Thursday. SC Magdeburg (winning the Match of the Week against Orlen Wisla Plock), Paris Saint-Germain HB, Barlinek Industria Kielce, and defending champions Barça are playing for the title at the event in Cologne on 17/18 June.

20230518 CLM QF R2 Live Blog Quote 3
Really happy, we did a really great job tonight. Once again, we reach the (EHF) FINAL4 so that is a beautiful performance from the group and from the club.
Dika Mem
Barça right back
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The result we got at home was difficult; seven goals (behind) is hard to come here. I think we should be proud of our campaign this year in the Champions League, we came to the quarter-final and we played against a very good team today.
Tobias Thulin
GOG goalkeeper
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We now focus on the (domestic league) match against Plock, after that we can think about dreams at the (EHF) FINAL4. It's important to win this kind of games.
Arkadiusz Moryto
Barlinek Industria Kielce right wing
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They were really good from the start of the match. We tried to change some things to get back into the game but we didn't manage to do this. We were not in the best shape today.
Manuel Strlek
Telekom Veszprém HC left wing
MG 9715
MG 9265
I feel proud of this team. It’s really hard to reach the [EHF] FINAL4. Our opponents are tough in the Champions League. It’s a nice achievement for us — the last couple of years we couldn’t achieve that. That was the goal of the season.

We played with heart. We gave a lot. And I think that’s what gave us the win tonight.
Luka Karabatic
PSG line player
20230517 Magdeburg Plock 23
20230517 Magdeburg Plock 9 (1)
Thank you for the incredible atmosphere in the hall. I've never seen so many away fans. It was fantastic. We can be very proud of ourselves, the fans and the city.
Bennet Wiegert
Magdeburg coach

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