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Basic Handball photo
PDF-Document icon 1.  Basic Introduction (3MB)
PDF-Document icon 2.  The Steps to Handball (2.5MB)
PDF-Document icon 3.  Basic Handball 1 (1.8MB)
PDF-Document icon 4.  Basic Handball 2 (6.8MB)
PDF-Document icon 5.  IHF The Rules of Games (6.3MB)
PDF-Document icon 6.  A Shortcut to the Rules (1.1MB)
mp4 icon 7.  Basic Handball (640x480, 92.2MB)
mp4 icon 8.  Summer Camp 05 (320x240, 99.8MB)
mp4 icon 9.  Individual Defence Training (640x480, 58.2MB)
PDF-Document icon ad 9.  Additional Information (11KB)
mp4 icon 10.  Defence Training Small Groups (640x480, 48.3MB)
PDF-Document icon ad 10.  Additional Information (12KB)
mp4 icon 11.  Set Defence 1-5 (640x480, 40.3MB)
mp4 icon 12.  Set Defence 5-1 and 3-2-1 (640x480, 53.0MB)
mp4 icon 13.  Set Defence 6-0 (640x480, 65.4MB)
mp4 icon 14.  Open Set Defence (640x480, 54.5MB)
PDF-Document icon ad 11-14.  Additional Information (29KB)
mp4 icon 15.  Group Tactical Means - Demarking (640x360, 90.3MB)
mp4 icon 16.  Group Tactical Means - Parallel Thrust / Give & Go (640x360, 90.5MB)